Biography of M. D. Liveris Amarathunga & Sons, Balaushadagaraya, Kiriwattuduwa, Sri Lanka.

Eldest son, ayuruvedic physician Mr. Livera Amaratunga, born at Kitulawila - Kiriwattuduwa is a traditionally proficient orthopedic and general physician, who has rendered a yeoman's service to the nation, having introduced his experience and competence by his father, named A A Don Haramanis.

While in Ayuruvedic Service, he was skilled enough to invent Krimiraja, aimed at instant cure of Constipation - Indigestion - Bowel Cleaning and look worm diseases of young children as well as elders. They initiated this pill in 1949 and escalated establishment of their Dispensary "Balaushadhagaraya", where a variety of other Ayuruvedic Drugs were invented winning popularity and very satisfactory results, particularly in his village and other parts of the island with his untimely death in 1960 after 51 years of age, this reputed Dispensary was placed on a good management level, and today, it is a vital centre of Ayuruvedic Drug invention and distribution in the island.

The present management is currently designing to put up a two storied magnificent building to expand the activities of this "Health Institute" with wide laboratory and medical research facilities with the sole aim of uplifting, widening and innovation activities of Balaushadhagaraya, and recruiting paramedical cadre, thereby solving to an appreciable situation, the unemployment problem of the area and assisting the government to ease its. Health and curative burden to some extent and help earn also the much valued foreign exchange to the nation. The dynamic management strives hard to progress collectively without indebtedness to Banks and Lending Institution and final realize its goal of emerging as an Ayurvedic Institution, fit and proud enough to cure ailments at low rates and pose as a welfare service centre specially to the poor and handicapped.