Our only desire is to produce Ayurvedic drugs through economical, physical, efficacious, scientific and spiritual development and to ensure customer satisfaction by way of using the sustainable solutions in mixing the elemental materials at the production of Ayurvedic Medicine securing hygienic standards, inspired by a sense of co-agitation and thereby to serve the living being of macrocosm.


Uplift the production of Ayurvedic drugs, so as to promote the faith in Ayurvedic drugs in the people and to arrive at a researchable understanding about the matter of transplanting, identification, conservation, inherent qualities and behavior of medicinal plants and to launch researches leading to production and mixing of Ayurvedic drugs in conformity with disciplines and formulae found in Ayurvedic systems and to use that knowledge in formulation of standards of Ayurvedic products and to edit such formulae in order to explore curing and preventive power of such drugs and educate the physicians accordingly. The effective drugs discovered by such researches and preserved by generations for the people, to be produced in large scale aimed at the benefit of people at large. Finally to use this process to train professionals in the manufacturing of Ayurvedic drugs.


“Balaushadagaraya” was founded by the well known native physician Dr. M.D. Liveris Amarathunga who lived at Kithulavila, Kiriwaththuduwa on 25th August 1949. The capsule known as “Krimiraja” produced by “Balaushadagaraya” has become a very effective and popular drug among the people today.

This establishment celebrated its “Golden Jubilee” in the year 1999.

The sole patent rights of Krimiraja capsule belongs to Balaushadagaraya and the maintenance of its quality unchanged, for 6 decades is itself an ample proof of the high quality of this drug.

In fact, this establishment is popularly known by the name of Krimiraja Medicional Company, basically as a result of effective curing nature possessed by Krimiraja capsule.

Presently, the establishment is long standing institution registered in Ayurvedic Department under No.6/2/1/01/07. It has been granted with the I.S.O SLS 9001:2008 quality standards and G.M.P. certificate and the company which runs as a joint venture produces over 250 brands of drugs beneficial to public as well as to medical practitioners.

The company adopts a well disciplined production process well secured and supervised A-Z. The company is a service motivated establishment and is committed to serve the customers not only in up keeping the standerds of its products but also in marketing and in consumption.

Specially, the Balaushadagaraya production goes through a system of traditional indigenous drugs production which is which under the strict supervision of a panel of expert practitioners of indigenous medicine which follows a machinery of production backed by new technological knowhow.

The company holds a very good stock of indigenous medicines such as Arishta,Aasava, Quath, Syrup, Chooma (Powders) , Paana (Drinks), Vetti( Pills), Guggulu,Kalka (confection/paste), Modaka, Avaleha, Rasayana (Rejuvenation remedies), Grita, Rasa (Alchemy/drugs)and Thila (oils). The company is now a highly improved commercial concern, which produces many kinds of indigenous drugs through improved technological methods.

The company is managed by a Professional Board of Directors who are responsible for company’s future prospects and security. Dr. Sumanarathna Amarathunga functions as the Managing Director. Dr. Amarathunga holds D.S.A.C. Medical Degree with a B.A degree. He has completed his post graduation at Gujarat University, India.

Further, there is a panel of Indigenous Medical Experts who function in advisory and supervisory capacity at every production. The administration of the company is under a well trained staff, supported by a crew of very skillful employees.