KRIMIRAJA KARAL GULI (Krimiraja Long Pills).
...its getting healthyness of child

For below 12 years children, due to worm diseases when seen following symptoms, such as; Anorexia, Continuous crying, Nausia, Bite of teeth, Thirst, Weakness, Stools of partial digested food, Flatulence, Stomach ache, Indigestion, Vomiting, Diarrhoea etc. Can given with following methord according to the ages, added with Coffee drink or Lime juice with little quantity of sugar.

  • Below 5 years - 01pill (once or twice)
  • Over 5 years - 02 pills (once or twice)
  • To keep healthyness, given once a week,-twice morning and evening.
For all kinds of stomach complaints of adults-3 pills taken (given) with Coffee drink, Lime juice or Ginger juice.

Krimiraja Peyawa
Excellent for Common cold , Fever and Cough.

The specific oil for venom

For all categories of snake venom including Cobra & Viper, and also can used in sting and attack of Rats,Cats,Apes,Trantula, Scorpion , Centipede,and Wasp etc.

(Kunkumadi oil)

KESAR beauty oil when applied continuously for couple of weeks cures Black and Brown specks located on the skin,such as Wyanga (spider nevus),Neelika and Pidaka(boils).And enhances the skin colour (pigmentation) like Gold,Particularly best for use on face,neck,and hands.

(Buddharaja Kalka mixed Makarandan Anupana)

Effective herbal treatment for the protection of teeth and gums. Has prepaired in the form of a liquid. And it cures; Decay of the gums, Bleeding from the gums; Pyorrhoea, Caries of the teeth, Toothache, Numbness of teeth and Bad odour from the mouth etc. And it makes strengthen and healthy teeth.

Dryness of phlegm in the chest / phlegm suffocation (sem ilappu) / phlegm diseases accompanied with more aggravation of Vata (Nervous) and Kapha (phlegm) / when severe asthmatic conditions can given as a “Rasana” with little quantities at times.

INDICATIONS: Tish is one of the most common and efficacious remedy which among those other Guggulus. It used in following conditions; All kinds of Gout, Ulcers and skin diseases which due to Ekadosha ( Due to vitiation of single dosha), Dvidosha ( Due to vitiation of combination of two doshas ), “Chirakalaja” ( Long standing or chronic ), Weeping ( Moist ), Dry, Cracked and spread unto the knees etc. Also used in following conditions; Ulcers, Skin diseases, Gulma ( Gas - False - Phantom tumours ), Swelling or Oedema, Udara ( Acites etc....), Anaemia, Prameha, Loss of appetite, Tiedness of Vata etc, Prameha pidaka ( Carbuncles ), Cough etc.


(Agraraja special Decoction)

INDICATIONS : Outstanding remedy for all kinds of Arthritis.And also used in oedema of joints,Limping,All kinds of prameha(obstinate urinary diseases including Dibetes), “Virdhi”(Hernia), “Andavata”(Orchitis) and Varicose veins etc. when taken this medicine cures Cholesterol conditions.
And taken this medicine with real dosage for seven days with turn off salt and sour things,cures Asthma,Skin diseases and even in incurable Psoriasis conditions.
DOASGE; 01 table spoonful twice a day morning and evening after meals.

(Herbal Oil to make hair Black)

IT WILL MAKE BROWN AND GREY HAIR BLACK Daily apply Oil on head once and massage well for 7-8 minutes with figner tips. Regular application of Oil in a short period (couple of moths) will make hair black. Once the hair become black,the oil may be used now and then. This oil doesn’t effect the condition of catarrh but makes hair black. Applying Oil on dry hair after bath will become more effective. Avoid Hot sun,Heaty or spicy foods and Alcohol.

Pimple Cure

INDICATIONS: Diseases Accompanied with aggravation of Vata (Nervous), Epilepsy,Giddiness,Syncope,Diseases connected with Semen,Specially used for impotence,Severe heart failure,Specially; Heart failure connected with Sannipatha (Ttidosha) jwaraja, Typhoid fever,Pneumonia. For instant results in these conditions Makaraddhawaja,Camphor and Musk should be given with suitable decoction. Also used for following conditions; Tuberculosis, All kinds of Prameha, Diseases associated with Gastro intestinal tract and Sciatica.
DOSAGE: 1-2 grains (60 - 120mg)

INDICATIONS: It’s a best expectorant and bronchodialative remedy. And it sedates the Phlegm. Also can used in following conditions; Cough , Asthma , Tuberculosis. In these cases, it reduces th condition of diseases and gives relief to Throat and Chest. And it stops the bleeding with Cough or after cough from the mouth or lungs.
DOSAGE : 1 - 4 Teaspoons

INDICATIONS: This is an excellent remedy which can used in following conditions; Cough , Asthma , Hoarseness etc. By this medicine properly melt away the thickness of phlegm and gets rid it. And it sedates th power of coug. Also it’s good for throat. And cures the Ulcers wher associate the lungs. Also used for Spermatorrhoea, best for rejuvenation, as well as getting more bodily strength.
DOSAGE : 1 - 4 Teaspoons

INDICATIONS: Very famous, common and efficacious gugul product which used in following conditions; Vata (nervous) diseases, specially in associate the joints and bone marrow, Aamavata (Rheumatoid arthritis) page656/40 of D.C.S , Worm disease, “Dushta vruna” (Severe ulcers), Pleeha (Chronic enlargement of the spleen OR The disease where associate the spleen), Gulma (Gas-False-Phantom tumour), “Udara” (Obstinate abdominal diseases including Ascities), Anaha (Flatulence or puffing of the stomach due to constipation).
DOSAGE : 2 Masha ( 2 gm ) / [1-2 pills]
Can used with any infusions of mentioned as below:

  • Roots of Eranda (Castor oil plant) - [Ricinus communis Linn].
  • Rasakinda (Heart leaved Mooseed) - [Tinospora cordifolia (willd) Miers]
  • Roots of Saarana (Spredinghogweed) - [Boerhavia diffussa Linn (B. Repens Linn)]
  • Roots of Adatoda (Malabarnut) - [Adhatoda vasica Nees]
  • Garlic - [Allium sativum Linn]

Sudarshana Peniya